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If you’re looking for a listing specialist in 92335, here’s why you should choose me. First, I’m a broker with 35 years of experience. My knowledge of property valuation is published to the MLS for use by other licensed real estate agents in the area. I’m also an expert at preparing a home for a top-dollar sale and can show you how this works on a free consultation with zero commitment.

I’ll show you the most accurate sale price from the MLS. Next, we’ll calculate the remainder after you pay off your debt to the bank and set a budget to prepare for a sale. This will cover any repairs needed to pass your home’s bank inspection. If repairs are needed and fit within this budget, do these first. This way, I can prepare to market your home on the MLS to every qualified buyer worldwide.

This is because nearly all buyers need bank financing, which you only qualify for if you pass the bank inspection. The net effect is generating mass interest with everyone approved for funding in your price range, looking for homes in your area, and trying to buy ASAP. This allows me to negotiate with multiple serious buyers until it drives the price up as high as it can go. When you’re ready, I’ll close quickly.

As a listing specialist in 92335, these techniques are not new. Nor are they original. These are the winning tactics used by the most successful people in this industry, which means it’s not to be taken lightly when choosing the right agent to represent you. Since my expertise is in this market, and I only charge a 1% listing fee for all my work, you’ll put the most money in your pocket in a very short time.

Extra tips: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/071514/8-reasons-not-sell-your-home-without-agent.asp

  • Get expert help from a listing specialist in 92335 on a free consultation before deciding to sell.

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