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Costs of Selling My Property Upland

If you want to learn the costs of “selling my property” in Upland, let me help you. I’m a professional listing agent in this market with decades of experience. With the knowledge and expertise I have in valuation, marketing, and negotiating top-dollar sales in this area are available to you on a free consultation.

First, I’ll value your home on the MLS so you can see an accurate sale price and a list of buyer preferences for similar homes in your market. I’ll help you estimate a safe budget for any repairs needed to pass an inspection. This is necessary to become eligible for financing, which is a gamechanger. If they can be done, they should be done first. I’ll update your MLS status to reflect this.

Next, we’ll review recent sales and current showings to gauge buyer preferences for amenities, interior staging, which I can help with, and curb appeal. I’ll market your home to qualified buyers in a private network and drive them to showings. This is how I negotiate back and forth for the best deal possible. I’ll do the paperwork and supervise the closing. You’ll make the most amount of money this way.

So, if you want to learn the costs of “selling my property” in Upland, call or go online to schedule so, we can get started. Once you have the details specific to your situation and a clear path to your goal, you’ll be in the “catbird seat.” The decision is yours. Think it over, talk it over, and let me know. With expert guidance and a mere 1% fee, your success is inevitable, and pitfalls are avoided. Call today.

  • Learn about the costs of “selling my property” in Upland on a free consultation.

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