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Comparative Market Analysis 92336

If you would like to receive your home’s comparative market analysis in 92336, I’d be happy to do this for you. As a broker with 35 years of experience in this market, you won’t find anyone with a better knowledge of our property values, neighborhood features, or market trends. I can share my insights with you on a free consultation required to show you your home’s value.

First, as part of this process, you’ll learn your home’s accurate sale price. This is only possible because of the detailed information regarding all properties in the area, all of which are available to me via the MLS. So, when I request a comparison of your property to the others like it in the area, it’s accurate down to the square foot of attic space, crawl space, and fence line, to name a few. This includes recent sales.

Once we can easily determine how your home compares to the recent sales, we’ll also see details about which features of those properties received the most attention from prospective buyers on a walk-through. It’ll also be clear that everyone who made offers was qualified for bank financing, including the buyer. This is no coincidence, considering as many as 99% of homebuyers rely on bank funding.

With a comparative market analysis in 92336, you see more than just the sale price. You see what sells, who’s looking, and how many other homes like yours are listed for sale. Regardless of how you compare to them, the most important thing you can learn from me is how to determine which repairs you may need to consider doing, whether or not you sell. So long as you pass a bank inspection, you can offer buyer financing. With my expertise in marketing to all of them, you’ll get top dollar if you decide to sell.

Helpful tips: https://www.webbrealtyhomes.com/blog/3-tips-for-a-higher-home-appraisal/

  • Get a comparative market analysis in 92336 from a local authority on property values and specializing in home sales strategy.

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